Marcoil1.0      (C) Mauro Delorenzi

Prediction of coiled-coil domains in protein sequences
Posterior probabilities generated by a Hidden Markov Model

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SEQUENCE (max length = 11000 aa per protein)

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If you use MARCOIL you should cite this research paper:

Delorenzi M. and SpeedT., 2002.

An HMM model for coiled-coil domains and a comparison with PSSM-based predictions.
Bioinformatics, 18(4):617-625, 2002. Abstract

PARAMETERS (optional)

1. Coiled-Coil Emission P. Matrix

2. HMM Transition P. Matrix. Either precomputed (2a, default) or user-defined (2b)

2a. Precomputed

2b. User-defined

Take the values entered below:

Parameter   i  


Parameter   t  


Parameter   r  

(default= 0.00001) 

Last modified: Feb 11, 2008