MARCOIL is a hidden MARkov model-based program that predicts existence and location of potential coiled-coil domains in protein sequences.

An exact description of the model is in preparation and should soon be submitted for publication preliminary version was presented as a poster at ISMB2000.

The utility of a prediction program is often best judged by experience gathered in using it and we would welcome comments or suggestion for improvements.

The code can be downloaded here:   Marcoilcode.tar.gz

It was tested under UNIX and LINUX and can be compiled using the included makefile that calls the gcc compiler. A file with Instructions for Installation and Usage is included in the distribution and can be read online: README.html

For testing a database of positive examples with annotated coiled-coils ( databasePD.gz ) and a database of sequences from PDB ( databaseND.gz ), from which coiled-coils were eliminated, have been used. Lines that begin with a "<" contain information on the sequence like accession number or identifier or additional information. Lines that begins with a ">" contain the coiled-coil annotation we used (the number of domains followed by first and last position of each domains). This line is followed by the protein sequence. .

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